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Graphic details

Here’s something I’ve been working on for the last few days to deal with the boredom factor during lunch breaks. It’s a train graph, a rather inaccurate train graph in fact, but it stopped me vegetating slowly in the concrete bunker that houses our college.

For the benefit of people with a social life who haven’t seen one of these before, a train graph shows the position of all the trains on a certain railway for a set period of time. On this one it is between 5am and 9pm. The diagonal lines show different trains moving. Horizontal lines are stationary trains.

Wörnritzhausen is marked by a red dot on the lower left of the graph and is about 45 minutes from the connection to the main line railway at the rather leisurely speeds of the Höfelbachbahn. The line’s main source of passenger traffic will be the local high schools, but they are one town away from the northern end of the line, so a train has to run from each direction into the as yet unnamed town where they are, to bring the schoolchildren at 07:45 and take them away again at 14:30.

This completely mucks up everything for the entire day.

One ‘school’ service will have to be a mixed train, in green on the plan. Before it gets on with the job of taking local children off to the school it will have pick up milk from farms at the bottom of the valley, then climb back up collecting children, milk and other items on the way.  In the unlikely event of it managing this and arriving on time at the school stop, it can pass the railcar there, then deliver milk and morning groceries to the standard gauge. The railcar (red line) will probably pull a van or two and can carry post or newspapers the other way.

This reverses later in the day with the mixed train bringing wagons from the main station and dropping off schoolchildren on the way, while the railcar takes the days post.

Beyond Wörnritzhausen an unfortunate village has a bare three services a day, although there are logging trains (blue) which don’t really follow any schedule which is why they seem to vanish.

Of course I still haven’t worked out what happens on market day, and if I ever decide to model the ‘extension’ then this will all go to pot and I’ll have to start again, but I have another three months of college lunch breaks to get through.

There: see what happens to you when you refuse to own a smart phone.


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Another week just flitted by and the weekend was busier than before, so I think that ‘plan A’ is unlikely to happen. I’ll keep working on locomotives and stock in this scale and I’m now thinking about what I’d like to build.

I like the idea of having a loco shed: It seems appropriate as I’m building locomotives, and it could be pretty compact. I may even go for the same model as before, just perhaps a bit longer as I don’t have to follow the rules as closely if I’m not entering the competition. Perhaps some kind of simple one or two-road shed could have a small station alongside it, but the trouble is that wouldn’t give a lot of traffic. A small container or freight terminal would help make operation interesting- especially as container terminals can’t use overhead electrification. An electric loco or railcar could haul a wagon in, and a diesel would take over and move it to a siding where it would be (un)loaded. The wagon would then be attached to the next train going back.

Space would still be at a premium though. I’d like to get on with Sägewerk Pfeifle but I still can’t make any model on the shelves just yet because of the two small Edmund Hillary impersonators we’ve got in the flat at the moment, so it’s either a matter of making two modules -which would mean I have to make a wood base or find a better way to make cardboard baseboard joins- or build very small again, and loathe as I am to admit it, modern-era micros, even narrow gauge ones, don’t allow a lot of operation in a large scale.

Time to build stock and scribble plans.

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