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Hut, Hut, Hut, Hut…

I’m back online, finally. It took several weeks but it seems I finally found an internet provider that can do what it says on the tin.

So, you probably aren’t wondering what has been happening in the creativity department over the last few weeks, free of online distractions? What worlds were built, what problems solved and stories told?

The answer I’m afraid is “not a lot”. This is partly because at the same time as moving, I took on a new position at work, taking over the bike recycling workshop with a mandate to get it organised and at some point at least breaking even. As this workshop looked like the inside of a Skip when I started, this has taken a lot of time and energy. Worse, I’ve been unable to avoid being sent on training seminars which used up the final reserves of get up and go.

My solution to this is generally to start a simpler project, so I dug into the model making box and found the final two huts I’d been making for silly tabletop games; these were in the same sorry state as last Spring, but ideal for my purposes as they don’t require a vast amount of fine detail; they’re just background; details can and will follow but the main thing was to get them ready to plonk on a table ready for the dashing hero or dastardly villain to break into/ out of, climb on, hide behind, or blow up, depending on circumstances.

Now I just need to finish painting said heroes and villains…

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