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The remaining Wurttembergischer Düsenjäger or “Württemberg Flying troops” are painted, with their own officer, and are ready to quell incursions on the borders of the Republic of Württemberg, as well as attempted uprisings by Royalists, Nationalists, Communists, Anarchists, and in the worst case scenario, physicists.

For the rather convoluted reasoning behind these characters, see the previous post.

Figure painting will likely continue for a while as the house moving saga continues…

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I told you the silliness would continue, although to be fair I didn’t warn you that it would reach new heights.*

Pulp Alley is a set of rules for some rather silly tabletop games which I’ve gone and got myself drawn into, loosely based around the pulp comics and films of the 1930’s to the 1950’s or thereabouts; as such they tend to include caped crusaders, dashing heroes and mad scientists, so a bunch of commandos with rocket packs should fit right in.

In December 1916 Woodrow Wilson tried to broker peace in the aftermath of the Battle of the Somme. I’m assuming that in this world, all sides were sufficiently horrified that they came to negotiate, and thus were spared from the damage done by the last two years of the First World War. The German Empire dissolved in the aftermath, with Prussian domination of the Empire being seen as the ’cause’ of Germany’s involvement, and reverted to lots of large, small, and in some cases, tiny states.

And via this rather long route, we come to the independent state of Württemberg, and its corps of Dusenjäger or Jet Troops, because um… reasons. This was the first, while I worked out what the uniform should look like; the other three should be quicker.

What do you think? Johann clearly isn’t impressed…

*See what I did there?

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Silly people

After the last post’s attempt at deep thought, the workbench is back to being a Silly Place, This is mostly because it turns out that taking over a bike workshop and looking for a new apartment at the same time is rather hard work, and by the end of the day the brain cells are usually out of energy to do sophisticated things like model making, or things with words in them… sentences, that’s it, sentences are…. thing… wossname… complicated.

I have some silly Tabletop Game figures in reserve for this sort of situation, so now they’re going to get painted, which means I can at least do something creative without too much brain investment…

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