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Irony in action

Shunting locomotives have a tough life bashing into heavy lumps of metal, so it’s not surprising they have to be pretty rugged contraptions. Of course, they also have to be as cheap as possible, because if a company director announced they’ve spent lots of money on a deluxe, traditionally riveted shunting locomotive built by master craftsman who bend each piece using specialised tools and only the finest steel, hand forged using organic charcoal fed furnaces, the shareholders are not likely to be impressed, so the shunter I’m basing this model on is clearly made using mass produced sections that are welded or at least bolted together in seconds and use modular construction so they can make variations cheaply and efficiently.

The irony of this extreme efficiency is that as I’ve complained before, they turn out to be rather time consuming to make in model form.

All of this is a rather long winded way of excusing the rather slow building process this week, which has resulted in no more than two sides and the end completed in the time available.

On the other hand, I did at least remember to build the two sides in a mirror of one another, which has not only meant an increased efficiency but less swearing…

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