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For readers who are new to the blog, or who haven’t been taking notes, Some time ago I set myself the goal of having eight wagons, a “railcar”; a large “main line” locomotive, and a shunter, before attempting to build anything as exciting as a railway for them to play on.

Since then the entirely fictional Körschtalbahn has gained three vans, three wood wagons and and three container low loaders, meaning that for once I’ve actually had enough self discipline to keep working on a long term project. When I realised this I got all excited and started working on the carriages, forgetting that really they’re planned for the next stage of the project (E.R.A.G 2.0, watch this blog; if you think you can handle the excitement).

My excuse for this sudden burst of frivolity is that I do have a shunter, built over a decade ago when I thought the Körschtalbahn would be built to British “O” gauge, or 1:43.5 scale (I’m not sue why the 0.5 is important either). As this was was my first model making project, it has a number of issues, not least that I really didn’t know how big I should build the model and aimed high. It’s massively over scale for 1:43, let alone my current scale of 1:55, as demonstrated by the loco on a low leader:

time to start on Version 2.0…

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