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Tool haul…

One thing I’ve discovered in my new job: people will try and donate anything to a charity shop.

As a result the organisation I now work for has a warehouse full of furniture, shelves of pictures, boxes of records, and whole rooms full of tools.

It also has a recycling centre that would do justice to a small town. It’s not that we’re ungrateful, but there’s a limit to how many art deco lampshades, Oompah band records, and amusingly shaped clown vases you can sell to a populace.

Last month it was decided that we should try to sell off some of the thousands of tools that had accumulated over the years. Someone unaware of the danger of this policy put me in charge of the operation. Having organised everything I concluded that if ever there’s world 19mm ring spanner shortage, we’d make a fortune.

I also found a variety of odd shaped pliers that were deemed unsellable, so I rescued them from the skip. I’m not sure what some were designed for, especially the curious item on the extreme right end, but I’m sure I’ll find a purpose for them in time, assuming I actually get some time for model making in the near future…

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