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Don’t ask me…

When I left you last week it was with some apprehension that I’d have to make representations of the mysterious technical bits that modern locomotives seem to leave in full view of the travelling public.

This is made much harder by my coming into contact with real model makers on various internet forums who have been indirectly encouraging me to attempt ever more detail in the hope of making models as good as theirs. Therein lies the danger of social media: just say “no” kids…

Here’s the first attempt at um… something. They may be axle boxes, possibly electrical motors, or for all I know, quantum accelerators. Whatever they do, one covers the ends of each axle on the original locomotives. These are pretty rough, but those squares on the cutting board are 1 cm each so the finished …items… are probably small enough that I can get away with it, especially as they’re going to be well under the side frames and painted dark grey.

This is one of those times I’m going to be hard pressed to find an answer if someone asks “what did you do this weekend?”

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Frames, again…

A rather poorly executed image of the frames, inevitably the second attempt.

Less obvious is that I finally built up the courage to remove the original side frames on the chassis, as one obvious feature of the prototype is open wheels, and I think I should at least try and make this look like the original.

Another feature of the original is that the wheels aren’t equally spaced along the underframe but I’m afraid my fidelity to the prototype only goes so far, and in this case it’s as far as I can change things before I have to cut up the entire motor, because I view the inner electrical workings of locomotives as akin to black magic. It will have equally distanced wheels and like it, and if anyone asks it’s one of those things that had to change to make the design fit into a narrow gauge locomotive, because um… reasons.

Now I’ve removed the original parts I realise I have no excuses left and need to make all the various bits of undercarriage that is now exposed on a modern locomotive…

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For readers who are new to the blog, or who haven’t been taking notes, Some time ago I set myself the goal of having eight wagons, a “railcar”; a large “main line” locomotive, and a shunter, before attempting to build anything as exciting as a railway for them to play on.

Since then the entirely fictional Körschtalbahn has gained three vans, three wood wagons and and three container low loaders, meaning that for once I’ve actually had enough self discipline to keep working on a long term project. When I realised this I got all excited and started working on the carriages, forgetting that really they’re planned for the next stage of the project (E.R.A.G 2.0, watch this blog; if you think you can handle the excitement).

My excuse for this sudden burst of frivolity is that I do have a shunter, built over a decade ago when I thought the Körschtalbahn would be built to British “O” gauge, or 1:43.5 scale (I’m not sue why the 0.5 is important either). As this was was my first model making project, it has a number of issues, not least that I really didn’t know how big I should build the model and aimed high. It’s massively over scale for 1:43, let alone my current scale of 1:55, as demonstrated by the loco on a low leader:

time to start on Version 2.0…

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Tool haul…

One thing I’ve discovered in my new job: people will try and donate anything to a charity shop.

As a result the organisation I now work for has a warehouse full of furniture, shelves of pictures, boxes of records, and whole rooms full of tools.

It also has a recycling centre that would do justice to a small town. It’s not that we’re ungrateful, but there’s a limit to how many art deco lampshades, Oompah band records, and amusingly shaped clown vases you can sell to a populace.

Last month it was decided that we should try to sell off some of the thousands of tools that had accumulated over the years. Someone unaware of the danger of this policy put me in charge of the operation. Having organised everything I concluded that if ever there’s world 19mm ring spanner shortage, we’d make a fortune.

I also found a variety of odd shaped pliers that were deemed unsellable, so I rescued them from the skip. I’m not sure what some were designed for, especially the curious item on the extreme right end, but I’m sure I’ll find a purpose for them in time, assuming I actually get some time for model making in the near future…

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I’m finally getting on with the body of the wagons; as usual I keep trying new methods in the optimistic hope I’ll improve. The foremost wagon has had some carefully added wash painting to give it a bit of rust around the container anchor points and around a few of the details; the middle wagon started the same colour with a more liberally applied dark wash.

The third one is… green.

I’ll keep weathering the foremost two but just add a fairly subtle finish to the green one, so it hopefully gives the impression that this one is fresh out of the works, while the other two are really due for overhaul…

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