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Not Distracted…

Given my tendency to go off and get interested in something which inevitably becomes another project on the “to do” list it’s a wonder I get anything finished at all. Because of this, I’m determined not to be distracted by this locomotive I saw while waiting for a connection at Karlsruhe station:

It’s a Siemens Vectron, in use by one of the many small companies now operating in Europe. I see a lot of these on the railway that passes our village but they’re generally electrically powered, whereas this is a diesel version, and because I’m a nerd that’s interesting.

I look at locomotives like this and I think “That’d look really smart in the green and grey of the Körschtalbahn…” and then I add a few rationalisations: for example that it is a recognisably modern locomotive so it will set the location and time immediately, and I’m hoping to have two trains passing, so I’ll need two locomotives.

Yeah, that sounds good.

There’s even a dual electric/diesel version… but I’m not convinced that would work on a model because everyone would assume it was supposed to be an electrified railway but I’d forgotten to add overhead wires. I suppose I could make a livery with a large “DUO” on the side or similar, and maybe a sunflower, emphasising the KÖB’s green credentials.

This is purely academic of course because I don’t have time to make one. No, absolutely not.

Apart from anything else, look at those complicated angles and compound curves: they’d take ages to make properly. Also those chevrons between the lights: those would be nearly impossible to get right once, let alone making them consistently four times, although It turns out that there’s an older version of the cab in use, and those twiddly bits aren’t as mandatory as I thought, so that’s one excuse less…

But anyway, I still need to finish the container wagons, and the carriages, and I also said I’d make a replacement shunting locomotive before planning anything new.

I’ll just put the pictures on my ever growing “interesting prototypes” file and not think too much about it.

For now at least.

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Windows 2.0

“Project Silberlinge” has begun, by which I mean I’ve thought about it for a bit, printed some coach sides then got distracted by shiny things/squirrels…

My readers, assuming they were taking notes, will know that the “Silberlinge” was the nickname given to German Federal Railways standard carriage for local services between the 1960’s and 1980’s. They were the carriages for my first train in Germany back in 2000 and I was somewhat startled when flushing the rather malodorous privvy to find that the flush was essentially a flap which dropped open to give a view of the track below. German railways have certainly improved since then.

Anyway, I posted some drawings of my version of the Silberlinge, along with a couple of other options for carriages on an online forum and a kind member offered some sheets of laser cut frames for several carriages, so the decision of carriage type was made.

The frames arrives a week or two ago, and to my absolute astonishment they actually fit the printed coach sides. The current cunning plan is to print the carriage sides mount this on thin card, glue on the (painted) frames, and then cut out the windows.

If you’re wondering how I’ll do this, so am I. So far the best answer is very, very carefully

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Advanced Grubbiness

I had lots of “sensible” things to do today, mostly revolving around a need to clean my increasingly grubby apartment. Instead of actually doing those I decided to paint something instead. The current project wasn’t ready for painting so I dug out the bogies so I’d at least have something finished.

These are supposed to show a difference in “weathering”, with two relatively clean and four very grubby items, in the hope it gives the impression that the company is gradually refurbishing their fleet of heavily used container wagons. Unfortunately I got carried away, as usual, so they look pretty similar.

They look pretty similar to the rest of the apartment as well, come to think of it.

I may try to do something about this but it’s more likely I’ll decide that as they’re largely hidden under the wagon bodies anyway, they can just stay looking the same.

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If it looks right…

I finally pulled myself into gear (again) and got on with detailing my container wagons. I’d originally planned just to leave this as I expect to have containers on top of them most of the time, but I decided that I needed at least a basic representation of the brake levers. When I was finished the rest of the wagon looked a bit empty by comparison so I added some other cylinders and pipes pore or less at random until it looked reasonably cluttered.

You will appreciate from this that I don’t really know what any of the mysterious bits that hang off a modern wagon actually do, but I’m guessing neither do most other people. I tend to wok on the basis that if it looks right, it’s fine, and it’s me who decides if it looks right…

Now this is finally complete I will have a short celebration before heading off to the cardboard box in the garden painting shop to apply the primer so I can actually paint and finish this project…

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