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Window Frames

German Silberlinge carriages of the type I’m planning have a couple of distinctive features, one being the prominent window frames. As 1:55 models of German trains aren’t exactly a mainstream activity I was wondering how to reproduce these until a kind fellow member of a model railway forum offered to save me a lot of time by making a set for a very low cost; these arrived this week, and give enough parts for several carriages including at least one driving unit, with, helpfully, a couple of spares because we all know I’m going to mess some of them up.

This has helped get me motivated to finish the final wagons so I can make a start on this project, not least because I want to fit these rather delicate frames before I inevitably break them.

I have been making small and rather unphotographable progress for a few days; hopefully there will soon be something to show for it…

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