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Window Frames

German Silberlinge carriages of the type I’m planning have a couple of distinctive features, one being the prominent window frames. As 1:55 models of German trains aren’t exactly a mainstream activity I was wondering how to reproduce these until a kind fellow member of a model railway forum offered to save me a lot of time by making a set for a very low cost; these arrived this week, and give enough parts for several carriages including at least one driving unit, with, helpfully, a couple of spares because we all know I’m going to mess some of them up.

This has helped get me motivated to finish the final wagons so I can make a start on this project, not least because I want to fit these rather delicate frames before I inevitably break them.

I have been making small and rather unphotographable progress for a few days; hopefully there will soon be something to show for it…

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There has been a brief intervention of reality on my model making in the form of work, life and other matters, such as the need to tidy up find my workbench.

I”ll be back in a bit, just talk amongst yourselves…

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I’ve been travelling to Stuttgart again, visiting family for a fortnight. This is wonderful and involved lots of interesting fun and activities with them, but was obviously lacking in model making interest. So to compensate here’s the train back, formed of an RS-1 Regiosprinter in the new Baden-Württemberg state colour scheme, and which conveyed me and the touring bike from Freudenstadt to Alpirsbach.

The opposite train heading north to Freudenstadt. I’ve always liked these railcars; maybe I could make a one ended “non motorised” version as a driving trailer for the Körschtalbahn? The company will need a low-floor carriage with a disabled loo, and Stadler, the builder has a track record of adapting their products for narrow gauge.

Not sure how I’d make that curved windscreen though…

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Well, well, well…

After a slight recovery of the money tree the production of wagons has restarted. They are now largely complete with just a few more details to add; the state above is the result of prolonged swearing and gluing tiny bits of brass to fingers, tools, furniture, and eventually the models. As an added bonus they were occasionally in the right place.

The extremely observant will notice the wagon on the left has extra covers over the wheels, presumably to stop containers walloping delicate suspension and brake parts. Unfortunately even with more swearing I found it impossible to reproduce these on the other wagons so this one will be painted as a “recently refurbished” version and I’ll pretend the guards are additions that the other wagons haven’t received as yet. To assist in this illusion the other two will be grey, battered, and as is becoming normal on my models; filthy…

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