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Ferry distracting

A few weeks before starting the new job I got a bit distracted, which is why model making slowed down and you’re getting this picture instead of another thrilling instalment of wagon construction.

One long running project, by which I mean I started it about six years ago then put it off for ages, was a painting for our dining room. I’d planned it to feature a post van approaching a ferry, and it had essentially become a series of false starts, with just a (very) a rough version hanging in our dining room, much to the annoyance of my long suffering wife. This hadn’t been annoying me as much because I currently have to live in another town for work but every weekend I’d come back, see it, and vow to make a start, then forget all about it when I left.

While tidying up the ‘work” apartment a few weeks ago in an heroic attempt to rediscover my dining room table, I found a photo that I’d planned to base the picture on, and decided that I was going to finally get on with it, not only that, but I was going to get it finished before returning to the family for a two week holiday.

The last paint was applied 2 hours before leaving, but hey, finished is finished…

The next question was how to get it to the family, as I don’t own a car. Fortunately I do own a long cargo bike.

Equally fortunately German Railways don’t object to me taking it in their trains:

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