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Ironically for someone who works in social care I generally turn into a hermit if left to my own devices, and end up reading or making stuff and generally avoiding any social interaction whatsoever. This week I found myself focusing on the three container wagons, trying to get them past the point where I had to restart the project due to unauthorised curvature on the part of the previous wagons. I’m always happier when I’ve caught up with myself on an abandoned project and sorted out the previous mistakes.

Of course, this only shows how many projects I’ve abandoned over the years, but I can live with that.

I’m aware I’ll probably make several more mistakes as well, but I remain hopeful they won’t be too serious. I managed to put the brake handle in the wrong place already, but I solved that one by snagging the handle on an errant sleeve, and breaking it sufficiently that rebuilding it in the proper place was the only option.

I really need to learn to solder.

What with breaking bits and inventing new ways to make mistakes, I’ve now run out of brass and it’ll be a while before I get any more; I have to order online so I’ll wait until I need a few more bits so it’s worth paying the shipping fee. This means the wagons and the other detailed parts I’ve not attached as yet will go into storage and I’ll focus on the next project for a bit. This was originally supposed to be a replacement shunter but I’d also like to make a start on some coaches, and I did say I’d make a building at some point…

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