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Straight… ish.

I’ve left the wagons on a shelf for a few days, and there’s still no apparent inclination to bend in the middle.

One still managed to warp at the angle where the frame goes down from the end platforms. I seem to remember a similar problem on some of the wood wagons I built a few months ago, and solved it as I did then by cutting through most of the frame with a hacksaw, then gluing the join and leaving the resulting mess to set solid overnight, sitting on a piece of glass with a pile of books on top. I’ve never really taken a subtle approach to model making.

Another then decided to twist slightly end to end, I’ve managed to reduce this by cutting and re-gluing but there’s still a tiny difference which I now intend to solve by pretending it isn’t there.

Both methods seem to have been effective so far. Assuming the model shows no further flexous tendencies I’ll get on with some of the detailing next week…

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