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Inglorious colour

I did promise it would be pretty tatty.

So alongside the rebuilding, I’ve completed the prototype container, and it isn’t looking too bad considering it’s essentially a drainpipe wrapped in paper. The paper came close to causing a lot of trouble this time; glue only takes so long to dry after all, and it managed to dry quicker than I could pull all the awkward bits through the various gaps in the frame. As usual I’m relying on my readers to be too unobservant or polite to comment on the way the writing and hazard symbols are at slightly different heights on each side. I’m also not even going to show you the underside of the tank.

Current plans include some kind of detachable frame for version 2.0. so it can go on after the tank covering is completed. Somehow.

Obsession with rust continues: I used the stippling method previously seen on a railcars some years back, as the hairspray method would risk damaging the paper on the tank. I think there’s possibly a bit too much stipple; it’s very hard to know when to stop.

Still, now I’ve got a passable container to lurk in the background occasionally, now all I have to do is finish a non-bendy wagon for it to travel on…

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