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Heavy(ish) industry

I’ve got a sort of production line running to make the new generation of low loader container/swap body wagons. They are somewhat heavier than the previous versions to avoid banana wagon syndrome and made them a tad longer while I was at it.

Observant readers will have noticed that there are three instead of the two I was building earlier. I think the railway would be into containers in a big way so an extra wagon won’t hurt. And if the first one doesn’t work very well I can always call it a “prototype” and build the other two differently.

After previous attempts cutting the frames around a template resulted in something that looked like a piece of badly cut cheese I used a jig this time, which sounds fancy but basically was a few bits of card to hold the plastic bits in place while I glued them together. Even that description makes it sound more complex than it was.

The result isn’t that pretty, as the two bits on the bottom of the picture show, Unfortunately it was also not entirely accurate, but I laminated them onto other bits of plastic (middle) on either side to add strength and hide the worst of the gaps. Now I’ll add bits on the top and bottom to make them into rather substantial I-beam girders.

Then if they aren’t shaped like something an orangutan would eat next week, I’ll add the cross pieces.

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