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There’s always an awkward stage, and in my case it seems to be the start of painting a model, when the basic colour is there but the shading and weathering isn’t. Instead of the model taking in the form of “reality in miniature” it looks like a badly painted concoction of bits of pipe and wire. In this instance forgetting to take a picture until I’d made the first attempts at a black wash didn’t help either. Fortunately this swap body is supposed to be fairly tatty so I have a fair bit of freedom to hide this.

it is also the point where I start to try and add the details and other bits in the hope that it will gradually look less like a badly painted concoction and more like a part of the story I’m trying to create, or at least distract the eye from the worst of the problems. To this end I’ve spent a couple of evenings finding out more than a same person would want to know about tanker chemical codes and hazard warning symbols.

Also, notice the thrilling debut of a colour other than green.

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