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Going Bananas.

There have been sinister goings on up on the workbench shelf while your correspondent was innocently working on the overly complicated swap body; the two well wagons made a conspiracy to go all banana shaped. I’d wondered why the clearance above the rails was so small, until I looked lengthways and realised they were quietly turning into something that only Robin hood could find a use for.

It the bend above isn’t obvious, here’s a straight line in comparison:

It’s not just scraping the rails, it’s dragging along in the ballast…

Enquiries online revealed this was a common problem with well wagons. Now I think about it, there was a similar issue with the original wood wagon, but this was solved on the second incarnation by the addition of some truly massive side frames . The current issue is rather more serious and the general opinion seems to be that it is best solved with a brass rod along the inside of the lower part of the frame, glue, lots of clamps, and hope.

On the other hand, since I started building these wagons, more information has come in showing that not only are the originals considerably more substantial than I previously thought, but they are also somewhat longer, so I think it’s time to cut my losses and start again.

After some discussions with people that know what they are doing: this seems to be the way to go forward…

Here we go again…

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