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Well loaded

There’s been (another) change of plan.

For some reason I kept thinking I’d got my sums wrong again, and the deck of the container wagon was too short, so I decided to make a couple of containers to make sure. As usual when faced with the choice of a simple square box and a complex round tank with a frame I went for the difficult option. The twisted logic behind this is that I tackle the most awkward project at the start when motivation is higher, and then when I finish that the success supplies more motivation to deal with the less complex boxes, as well as future projects; it makes sense in my world so don’t argue.

This of course is a “prototype” which is a polite way of saying it’s full of mistakes and I’m going to have to completely rethink the way I make them before trying for the others I want to build. In particular I’m going to have to find a method of embedding the frame into the tank sides that doesn’t involve hours of filling in ugly cracks caused by inaccurate sawing of plastic.

Still, it’s serving its purpose of proving that a swap body will fit on the wagon, and as swap bodies come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, I can probably get away with using it as long as I finish it to look like a fairly nondescript tank to bring the weekly diesel fuel delivery to the shed at Spitzenwald.

There, if you read it quickly it almost sounds plausible.

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