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Well made?

Do you see what I did there?*

The Körschtalbahn intermodal revolution continues. I finally got the proportions right on the swap body carriers, or at least close enough that no-one will notice that I fixed the rest of it by gluing on bits of plastic and filing them.

It would possibly have been a bit simpler if I could make the “deck” fit at the bottom of the frames, but it will probably need full access for unloading and also removing the swap bodies. This will teach me to get all excited about a design because I think it looks nice instead of thinking through the construction problems.

Theo other reason is that I needed to fit a small weight underneath the heavily laminated open deck. One of the ironies of this model is that I am trying to make it look as lightweight as possible while stuffing extra weights in every corner I can so it doesn’t jump off the track at the first opportunity.

*Bad puns are a hazard of this blog, usually when I’ve run out of ideas for vaguely original titles…

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