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Making it up…

The next two wagons for the Entirely Random Arbitrary Goal that seemed such a good idea back in January will be low loader/well wagons for carrying containers and swap bodies, their European counterparts, because for a narrow gauge line the biggest problem was always the cost of transferring a load onto the standard gauge network, so anything that meant a whole load could be swapped over in a few seconds would help tip the economics in their favour.

Being a natural planner I started with drawings. This didn’t work. I still seem to draw things a bit big and the proportions didn’t work. I also realised that to make the models I’d designed would mean cutting lots of funny angles at exactly the same shape and size. Eventually I gave up and used trial and error, as shown in the not remotely posed picture.

The template was made by cutting the frame in a manner that looked about right, give or take, then adding bits and filing until I was satisfied, and scoring around it to make the other end. Once these were glued together in a manner approximating “straight” I used them as a template for the four “production models”.

Notice large label for the permanently disorganised.

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