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And suddenly…

After last week’s trial run I got all enthusiastic again and finished the vans off in a succession of evening sessions. The weather wasn’t really on my side; there was just enough light to spray the models but not enough to get a decent picture, so you’re spared the constant step by step updates, and we’re jumping to the finished models.

I did wonder if I’d overdone the weathering a bit on the ‘advertising’ livery, and at least one of the smears isn’t quite vertical so I’ll have to work on that. On the other hand this isn’t a nice museum where the rolling stock is tucked into bed in a nice warm shed each night: these vans will be out in all weathers either moving or dumped in a siding somewhere, so they’ll get pretty grubby and probably only get cleaned when someone from management happens to see them and makes a bit of a fuss.

Also, this is a milestone because it means there are now four freight wagons complete out of the eight I planned in the Entirely Random Arbitrary Goal that I want to reach before I start building baseboards. How quickly this will mean I can build a model is another matter as my contract at work comes to an end in a few months: I’m already in conversation with another local employer but it all depends on a certain flu-like virus not gumming things up for too long; we shall see…

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