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Timing is Everything.

This week we finally had some reasonable decent weather at the same time as I had some primer and time to stand around spraying things, so the two wood wagons were finally retrieved off the shelf, dusted off, and sprayed light grey ready for me to make them look thoroughly battered.

Of course, after waiting several weeks to do this, it was a mere couple of hours later that I happened to see a video of wood wagons being shunted on the Rhaetian Bahn, which showed that they all have a step on each end and some folding handrails. These allow a shunter to stand at the front of their train, safely inside the loading gauge so they don’t get swiped by stationary objects but able to see exactly where they are going, and probably more importantly, when to stop.

This means that this afternoons making session will be to make more little detailed bits, preferably quickly before the weather changes and I can’t prime the result…

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