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New year, new E.R.A.G.

Because it’s the new year and also because I’m short of blogging ideas, this seems a good time to have a look back at the goals of last year and set a few more for 2021.

As it turned out I’ve been relatively successful with last years goals; I decided to finish of the half built projects kicking around, and I mostly did; this either shows I’ve been more disciplined this year or maybe that the secret to success is having lower standards.

The main unfinished project was the Big Henschel diesel which at one point acquired the nickname of “Moby Dick” as it looked like a white whale and I wasn’t sure which of us would win the battle to finish it off. Completion of this provided motivation to make a train for it to pull, in the form of the two extra wood wagons currently awaiting a day of good weather so I can prime them, and the sliding door vans which are a bit closer to being finished than when last seen here.

These are part of a vague project that has been in my head for some time, known as the ERAG, or “Entirely Random Arbitrary Goal”. In this case my ERAG is eight freight wagons, three locomotives (Large freight loco, railcar, and shunter) and one or two carriages before making any serious moves on building a layout.

As the name suggests, there’s no real reason for these numbers, they just seemed a good idea at the time.

I’m still moving at a speed that would make a glacier complain bitterly at the hold up, so this years goal is essentially to complete the ERAG. So far we have:

Big freight Loco (complete)

Railcar (Complete)

Shunter (Drawing board stage)

Wood wagons x 3 (One complete, two ready to paint)

Vans x 3 (One complete, two under construction)

Other wagons x 2 (Drawing board)

Coaches x 2 (Thinking hard about these, occasionally.)

It’ll keep me busy in the long lock-down evenings…

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