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Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas and thank you for coming along on the journey this year.

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The awkward stage.

This is the sort of problem you encounter when exploring the limits of nerdiness.

The battle with the complex design of modern rail vehicles continues. I mentioned last week that the doors on the vans I’m building run along half of the side to allow for unloading, and that the clever engineers who designed the original made this possible by designing the doors to apparently drop down slightly, then slide along parallel to the other door, Apparently this requires a sizeable gap above the door to allow it to move, which is all very well but a right pain to make fifty-five times smaller.

This means the roof has to be made in two sections, rather in the manner of a clerestory, then add an extension later.

I’m making the curved roof by laminating thin pieces of plastic. The first roof developed a dip on the middle and needed some extra support, so this one has a massive substructure that would do credit to a Zeppelin.

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Halfway to the end*.

So the ends are now fitted, notably before the floor, because I can’t do anything the simple way. The vans I’m attampting to make a model of don’t have a nice easy design like a door hanging off the outside, but two doors each side, each one of which is half the length of the wagon. These apparently drop away from the frame of the wagon and slide away, presumably so they can be loaded by that servant of capitalism, the fork lift truck.

This makes for some complicated shapes, especially on the ends.

After thinking things through putting it off for a while I eventually decided it would be easier to glue the ends to the doors so they lined up properly, and add the floor and roof later.

In theory that will mean these parts go onto a square frame and the result will be a complex but strong structure with no annoying gaps showing where I got my sums wrong.

If the theory doesn’t work, there’s always weathering…

*Really need to put more thought into post titles…

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