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Model making paused a bit this week while The Elder Son and I progressed on a long-term bike building project turning a rather ugly mountain bike into a beautiful drop handlebar tourer. Last week we dealt with the most important question of the project: what colour should it be?

Unusually for us, we’d decided on red when we first dreamed the project up without spending hours cogitating about it. This was fine until we actually went to get some paint and realised how many shades of red were available.

We got it down to two shades, and to test it dug up my spare set of bicycle forks* to try them out.

We’ll use the darker red closest to the camera.

Now there will be a race to paint the rest of the bike before one of us has another bright idea or changes our mind….

*One difference between model making and cycling: the spares box takes up more space…


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