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We got the power

Flu, exams and, apparently interminable load of paperwork have taken their toll on model making time and energy of late, so I’ve been working on the rather silly monowheel.

Having decided the Monowheel will be steam powered because, why not? I had to make a boiler and cylinder. It turns out you can make things like this using card and paper and spending a fair amount of time sanding stuff into shape, something I suspect the early pioneers of model making knew all along.

I haven’t yet managed to make really tiny pipes with paper though. The smallest I managed was about 3mm diameter and that was with a certain amount of quiet swearing and several sheets of scrap paper superglued to my fingers.

Now I’m at the detailing stage which essentially means adding all kinds of bits I’ve had kicking about for ages and which I think look interesting. Engineers should probably not look too closely at some of the bits hanging off the boiler. They would probably also suggest that in reality, if the single cylinder managed to turn the wheel the whole contraption would rotate backwards, slamming the ‘boiler’ into the ground in a rather ugly mess and producing no forward movement at all.

Fortunately I have a seemingly infinite capacity to ignore such technicalities…


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