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To be honest, not a lot of model making happened this year: I don’t think I even finished any projects which is a bit disappointing. In my defence I was finishing my theory exams, starting work at my internship, and working on all kinds of Brexit- related officialdom, but still…

Worse, 2019 looks just as busy with the final project due in a couple of months, then a presentation to an examination panel the month after, followed probably by a new job and possibly a house move after that.

Probably this isn’t a year for big ambitious goals, all things considered, so I’m going to finish off all the half built projects kicking about, & incidentally tidy up the small colony of boxes containing model making bits, tools, and general hoarded junk kicking about in the attic. This seemed all very feasible until I actually counted the unfinished projects:


Railcar: construction ten years and counting, I think…
Big Diesel: Waiting for me to get the courage together to try electronics, which I view as one step from sorcery.
Big Van: Supposed to be number 1 of 3, Ha, ha.
Wood Wagon: Ditto. Also meant to be a ‘quick project’ but I keep adding details…


Finish Two vans
Ditto Farmhouse
Dismantle ‘Wörnritzhausen’ Mk 1 and salvage everything I can.

General Silliness department:

Steam Powered Tank
Monowheel: Probably not a priority, but still.
(Re) paint remaining figures.
“Army Buildings”
Also Several vehicle kits that don’t seem to have reached these pages…

There’s plenty to keep me blogging there, methinks, and if I think creatively I’ll hardly have to spend any money for a while.

Just in case I (or more likely, you) get bored, I decided the cycling blog needs a few goals as well. You can find that here (and yes, I did use the same introduction: I’m not being paid for this…)

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Worst case scenario

What is the one thing you don’t want to happen when, for example, you need to write a final project for a three year course (deadline: Soon) and incidentally send a stack of applications to possible employers?

Probably, the computer breaking down, on a week when there were no shops open so no possibility of getting it fixed or replaced in a hurry.

So guess what happened just after Christmas?

The all important project was already stored on a stick; external hard drive; my computer at work; and the work network, but I could have done without the extra complications*.

I can fix bikes and furniture but computers need more subtle approaches than whacking them with hammers, so after a technically minded friend declared death two weeks ago I started looking for a replacement. I now have a slightly newer ex-lease laptop, so I can at least write blogs again.

I mean, work on my project… I can work on my project again. That’s what I meant.

Normal service will be restored as soon as possible.

*Much more seriously, the proxy server at work has started blocking WordPress. I can’t think why.

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