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This week the theatre/social enterprise I work for was part of a big summer festival in our part of the city, which meant Saturday was full of loud music, crowds, lights, more loud music, and more crowds. Pretty much the standard town festival formula really. Oh, and it ran to midnight and after that we had to tidy everything up. And someone decided it would be a great idea to put the 5’3″ (168cm) Brit on the rota for the stage door bouncer.

When not trying to keep people on the public side of the stage door by sheer force of personality and a step, I wasn’t needed for anything else and could lurk in the relative peace of the office and draw sketches of models.

This particular sketch is of the Höfelbachbahn, the entirely fictional railway that briefly existed as a rather unsuccessful circular model until I decided that being able to run a train round and round was only an advantage if it didn’t keep falling off the track because it hit a building. This is an attempt to take most of what I liked about the original and rebuild it in a way that trains could go in and out of the station without smacking into the scenery.

The idea is generally the same, a small remote village in the hills served by a narrow gauge railway despite the best efforts of the local government. The line follows the local roads and enters the town through two city gates, with this station between them. Having two city gates like this isn’t unknown where towns expanded but still needed the protection and authority a wall gives. The gate on the left would be the existing one from the previous model, and the one on the right would be a newer version, probably a bit more attractive and showy. This is where trains coming up the steep hill are organised to be taken to the terminus in the old town, and also delivered to local industries like the post office (which I’ve already built) and an expended farmers cooperative and/or carpenter to hide the backstage area.

The big question of course is if it is worth allowing a small fiddle yard through the ‘old’ city gate. This would mean I could run trains into the station and use the ‘old city’ a a destination for any wagon I couldn’t otherwise find an excuse to use on the model.

When I make plans like this I can almost convince myself I can get away with making it in the living room. “Sure” I tell myself. “I could make this on a small shelf in the living room with track running along the wall. No-one would notice.”

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