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I had a bit of time to think over Christmas. Wörnritzhausen is running into lots of problems, mostly related to the fact this is my first layout in ages so I’m having to (re)learn all kinds of things.

Wörnritzhausen was really an opportunistic spur of the moment idea, throwing together some leftover plywood to see what would happen, which ended up developing further because the boys wanted a roundy-roundy and to be honest I enjoy letting the trains trundle round in circles. Unfortunately, the model is bulky and awkward to store while being too small to even have two trains on the model at once without them tripping over each other sooner or later.

Putting stuff on the track*  is fiddly with the stupidly tight curves and mahoosive great overhangs. Building seriously pudgy locomotives and wagons didn’t help, of course. It is getting to the point where I have to redesign the rolling stock, track, or buildings; possibly all three.

Meanwhile life continues to race onward and the exams which were on the distant horizon when I started the model are now a matter of months away, so I’m unlikely to be able to make a new model railway from scratch for a while. I can salvage pretty well everything worth using so eventually Wörnritzhausen will reappear in a slightly better planned version. In the meantime I can use the current variation it to learn a few more things, and run the occasional train round in circles. It’s a bit like having a three-dimensional screen saver on the coffee table.

What are you thoughts? What is the point where you decide to leave a model and take what is learned to the next project?

*and then putting it back on after it has collided with another train or a building.


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