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Avoidance of numbers.

I am not a natural mathematician. I get confused with numbers that have too many zeros and once drove my carpentry theory tutor to distraction by admitting that I used mathematical formulas like pinball machines: I put the numbers and units carefully in the right places, pressed the buttons on the calculator, and hoped the result made sense to someone else. Thinking about it, that’s probably why I now work in social work: it’s the natural home of the numerically illiterate.

My problem, it seems, is that I use the right side of my brain more than the left, which means I understand things visually, and sometimes design complete 3d solutions in my head, but I don’t get the connection between that and abstract stuff like numbers

Take this farmhouse project, for example. The card is 2mm thick, so the ends need to be 2mm + 2mm = 4mm undersized. Then I remembered that there’s going to be clay all over this, 5mm thick, meaning a 10mm reduction and one corner needs to be against the backscene which means I don’t need the 5mm of clay on that corner.

Take notes, there may be questions later.

I was feeling pretty pleased with myself for all this abstract thought, until I realised that this meant wrestling with numbers, with all the attendant awkwardness.

then it occurred to me that I can draw a mean diagram, so I solved the problem that way: draw the outline of the building (pencil), then draw the outline without clay (red), then draw cutting lines (blue).

In theory I will be able to take measurements from this, and make an accurate model. We shall see.

The technicolour lines are because I’m a bear of little brain and get easily confused…


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