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Look, a tin of Shellac.

You’re excited, I can tell.

Shellac is apparently a very useful substance if you’re making things out of card: it is absorbed into paper based things and stops them from warping if they get damp or wet. I’ve been told this several times by various people including Dave Etheridge and E Rankine Grey anongst many others, so I’m taking a chance these people may be right.

I’m nearly done making the baseboard for Spitzenwald, and as I didn’t want the whole thing to turn into a rather gooey mess as as soon as I started making things on it, I duly ordered some Shellac and applied same to the surface and sides. Of course this is completely not obvious from a picture of the baseboard, so you’ll have to believe me. It’s also why I took a picture of the tin. I have at least half a tin left which will come in handy for future rolling stock projects.

Wikipedia says that shellac is secreted by bugs. So there. Now you’ve learnt something.

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