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And I’m not talking about me finishing a model railway.

Every now and again when I’m rambling on about my model of the Körschtalbahn, and how it is intended to show that Narrow Gauge railways could still have a role in rural transport,* someone will smile and say something like “but a modern narrow gauge railway couldn’t really happen, you know.”

If you’re wondering, this is the Zillertalbahn, a 760mm gauge line which runs from Jenbach to Mayrhofen in Austria. The new locomotives aren’t exactly pretty but they seem to be working well. It seems the new locomotives and coaches are compatible with the old railcar coaches and driving car, which is sensible because it allows disabled access on all passenger trains.

I know it’s probably subsidized by the villages it serves, but then so are roads. Which would you prefer running past your house?

*fortunately for my social life, I don’t do this very often. Just so you know.

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