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Do as I say, not as I do.

I am in danger of turning into one of those people who who goes on for ages about making cool stuff for next to nothing, and now that I’m almost finished with these baseboards I’m surrounded by a smug glow that you can probably see from space. The basic idea was to use recycled cardboard and polystyrene to make a sort of heavy-duty foam board of the kind used by Stephen of Narrow Planet, and so far it seems to be working. Unlike my all-cardboard attempts of the past, the Cardboard/polystyrene slab seems very stable and disinclined to warp in random directions.
Not that everything worked perfectly. In particular, if you try this at home, you probably shouldn’t make the cardboard/polystyrene sandwich first, and attach the facing later. This is what I did, and now every little mistake I made in lining them up or measuring them, is shown up and magnified for all to see. Instead, glue the facing to one piece of cardboard like a wooden baseboard frame, then add everything else. You’re welcome.
I’ve found some even thicker pieces of the same stuff lying about in the attic. I have no idea what it is but it’s almost as solid as wood so I’ll use it as the facing plate for the baseboard join, probably while whining about how people throw perfectly useful stuff away.
Now thoughts can finally move on to track. I’m wondering about painting the board with Shellac first and than raising the track itself on some card so the ballast looks a bit deeper. I know it’s supposed to be narrow gauge but I reckon they’d at least try to make it look smart in stations.
As my track is all ’00’ scale I’m also wasting hours wondering how to make it look a bit more narrow gauge in the places where sleepers will be visible.
I should set a deadline for tracklaying and electrics on the basis that once I’ve got the track together I’ll probably be a lot more motivated on building stock.


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