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Preparation for the next project (provisionally known as ‘Koerschtalbahn: Dachsburg’) is well underway, and has been since I was half way through ‘Westerooge’: I bought as few bits and pieces in the UK, in the knowledge that I’d be able to take them back with me or post them: the problem in Germany is that while you can get a hold of any kind of new electrical gubbins from roads to fully automated fairgrounds, things like simple motorised chassis are like hens teeth, so most purchases are either via Ebay or through helpful people on the forums I’m part of, and I’ve been looking at a couple of my new purchases.

HO Class 33 and Chassis

First off is this B-B unit from Jordan F. who posted it publicly on the MTI forum under his screen name of ‘F-unit mad’. Jordan kindly kept hold of it until I had a pay day and could come to the UK and receive it instead of selling to the first person with money. It’s the second chassis I’ve bought off Jordan, the first being the one on the picture of the proposed Koerschtalbahn motor luggage car. Having looked at the bogie profiles I’ll probably use this for the baggage car and the other chassis (which is from a HO scale F-unit) under a heavier-looking locomotive.

Turntable 01

Meanwhile, I was asking about on the Minimum Gauge Forum and was offered this turntable at a bargain price by Gerry Bullock. I’d had a couple of ideas how to make a turntable and make it operate, but this seemed far more practical, and I jumped at the chance. I don’t know if I’ll use the turntable “as is”: On one hand I’d like a closed deck for a number of reasons, but on the other, it would be a useful shortcut to use it like this, and it is very well made. I’ll think about it before I go home.

If you are wondering why I am amassing B-B chassis and turntable oddments, I promise all will be revealed as soon as possible. Watch this space…

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