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ICE 3 In StuttgartBy the time you read this, we will hopefully all be in my parent’s house in the UK, having travelled on an ICE from Stuttgart (like this one in Stuttgart’s Platform 15) to Köln, and thence to Brussels, London and finally Yorkshire. This is our experiment in avoiding plane travel: I’ll let you know how it goes.

Obviously I’ll be building less while I’m in the UK, but I’ve ordered a few bits and pieces in advance so there will be a few goodies to have a look at, and I’ll be travelling from Yorkshire to Birmingham, Manchester and home, and then to Wales, all by rail, so I should get some picture opportunities. As many of the readers of this blog come from Europe, the US, and Australia I’ll ramble about this as well as much as my internet access allows on the basis that someone may be interested.

But I need a bit of sleep first…

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