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(That’s Langeness, if you’re wondering)

Every now and again I put a couple of words into the search box on YouTube to see what comes up. Usually it doesn’t, the words being pretty obscure, but lately I came across some short videos of the Hallig lines and as an added bonus they are of two places that inspired ‘Westerooge’.

The first video is of some shunting at Langeneß, at the western end of the system. The state of the track is not far removed from that at Westerooge, although the wagons look a bit more heavy duty. The loco shown is one of the four that are on the Island, all built by Schoma, while the load looks like onr of the diesel fuel tanks carried out to the islands. A model of that would be good on a wagon.

The second video (Don’t blink or you’ll miss it) is of one of the home-made wagons leaving the causeway and about to climb over the big dyke on the mainland. This road is the prototype for the crossing on Westerooge. Looking at the railcar here I wonder if I mistook one of these for a mess van in the photo, but then, I’m not going to worry about it too much.

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