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Nearly there…

Less than a week to go, but Westerooge is almost complete. The scenery is down and the track works- most of the time. It isn’t as smooth as I’d like but better than I thought I’d manage, so that’s not too bad. Even the bit that went wrong is working this time around.

The remaining jobs are to repaint the overly vivid sky, (maybe with a representation of some houses in the distance, and the road continuing, but only if I’m feeling brave), add some bushes and a small ‘shed’ to hide the points switch, paint the black band on the lighthouse and maybe add a crossing sign. On the other hand, I do have a heck of a lot to do before we get on that train on Monday, so I’m not sure I’ll even have five minutes to stick things together, and of course I now have a distraction: I want to just play trains…

(For bigger views, click on the picture, for comparison with the planning stage, click here, here, and here)

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